International Calling Cards For Better Communication

Due to rapid globalization, many people travel to different countries for business or other purposes. Also there are people who have relatives living in different countries. The most difficult thing that people face at this time is to stay connected with friends, family and business partners. There was a time when international calling was a very expensive affair. But with advancements in technology, making these calls has become not only easy and comfortable but also affordable.

Gone are the days when international calling used to be very heavy on one’s pocket. The phone card service providers have flooded the market with a lot of options to keep the phone bills under control.

There are various benefits that a calling card can offer you:

Convenience– Calling cards offer you the most convenient way to make international calls. You can either buy them from a retail store or check online. They can be used both by landline and mobile phones.

Cheap Rates– With these cards, you will not only get cheap calling rate but also certain free minutes. You must do proper research about the company and the calling rates it offer, before buying the card.

Offer Various Features– Different companies offer different features on such cards. These are also available in different price range and you can choose one according to your requirements.

Easy Communication– These cards have made it very easy to maintain a regular and healthy communication between people across countries. You can easily stay in touch with your loved ones anytime and every time you want.

Buying Calling Cards Online

There are times when you may not be able to go to a retail store to buy a calling card. These can be easily purchased online and offer a lot of benefits to the buyers.

– Facilitates comparison between different service providers.

– Offers ease of buying.

– Facilitates features and card prices.

– The reputation of the company and reviews provided by different users can be read easily.

The use of phone cards to make international calls to people has become very common now. You can easily search online for the various service providers. It is important to be careful of companies that are fraud and it is advisable only to go for well reputed websites. You can also ask any of your friends or relatives who have made use of these cards. Use of cards is the best way to save your money and still be in contact while abroad.

Communication Process

Communication is a two way process in which two persons or group of people exchange their ideas, messages, feelings, emotions, thoughts, and speeches both orally and verbally. Communication works only if it is effective and meaningful otherwise it creates many discrepancies. A famous author’s (Lawrence Clark Powell) quote completely justifies the above stated statement about communication i.e. ”Write to be understood, speak to be heard, read to grow.”
How Communication model works?

According to the communication model of Shannon-Weaver, the process of communication flows through 8 different steps. These steps include source, encoder, message, channel, noise, decoder, receiver and feedback. The source is the sender or an individual who will start communication in order to convey his message, ideas or thoughts. Encoder will decide the format of interpretation in which the message will be addressed to the channel. Message is the idea, inner feeling or thought of that sender or source. Channel is the way via which the message will be sent i.e. verbal, non-verbal, and electronic or something else as per the needs of sender. Noise is anything that disrupts the message as it may be some physical distortion as well as psychological obstacle. Decoder will decode the message according to the receiver’s interests and capabilities of understanding the messages. Receiver is the person to whom the sender wants to say something and finally he or she will give his reply in the form of feedback that how he or she interpreted the sender’s message.

Effective communication:
Another famous author James Humes defines communication in his own way i.e. ”the art of communication is the language of leadership”. Communication works only when the receiver completely understands what the sender wants to say whether verbally or orally. Not only face to face communication works but actually body language and gestures also convey the sender’s messages clearly. However, many barriers become constraints in the process of communication and thus prevent people from being communicated effectively.

The barriers may be physical, social, emotional as well as psychological. Non-attentive listening plays major role in impeding people to communicate. Sometimes culture, language, background and thoughts also become barriers in effective communication. People’s language and culture matters whenever they communicate with each other. Similarly, some people lose emotional connection with one another and hence they become distract from the actual topic. The way of communication also counts a lot in the process of effective communication because people or receivers may not feel comfort with the speaker’s language, vocabulary and tone. Communication from distant places also becomes obstacle for both sender and receiver because some people do not know how to deal with technology and some distract due to background noise etc.

Tips to communicate effectively:
Sender should clarify his message before conveying it to receiver. He must use proper phrases, vocabulary as well as effective channels. Active listening is demanded on the part of receiver because if he will listen by remaining active then lots of barriers can easily be removed. Similarly, the communicators must develop empathy on their parts so that they must know the feelings and ideas of one another. The gestures and body language must go with the messages which a sender wants to convey. Similarly, sender and receiver both should understand their calibers first (like background, culture, language etc.) and then move further. Communicators must give a chance to each other so that both can say what they want to describe. Respect must be present in the communication process which will bring effectiveness.

Communication Is The Heart Of Any Business

There is more than one way to communicate, such as letters, telegrams, telephone calls, and many more ways that two parties can speak to one another. However, while there are many ways to communicate, the problem is that these ways may not be as organized as they can be. A telephone company may offer a business features like the ability to make conference calls, but just being able to do that is not enough for a business that is growing and dealing with clients. With unified communications, a business can get many different sources of communication brought together so it can be used to make a business run even better than it ever has before.

Unifying Communications Systems Is Important

There have been many historical events all around the world that were shaped in one way or another by communication. Wars were won or lost all on the strength or weaknesses of a country’s communication system. If communication made a huge difference between winning a war or not, then people can begin to understand just how important it is. With a unified communications system, a business can have all of their forms of communications together, and there are many benefits to this kind of system:

Makes communicating easier: There are many forms of communications, like instant messages, conference calls, video conferences, and other ways that a business can communicate. Unified communications can combine all different forms of communication into one system, and with this one system, employees can find it a lot easier to be able to use this system.

Better ways to communicate: Sometimes a business does not have ways to communicate and a unified communication system is going to give communication option that employees never had before. If an employee has a problem with something, and needs to talk to another department, they can use an instant messaging system or even a video chat to get whatever it is they need help with resolved. Using many different ways to communicate is going to make work a lot easier for the employees, and they can also be able to get in touch with the upper management or even the owner of the company thanks to the communication system.

Many people under one system: Sometimes in an office situation, communication will not be the greatest, and things can get lost or misinterpreted. However, if everyone in the office is under the same communication system, there will be no more problems with things getting lost because there will be system that is safeguarding everything.

When it comes to a communication system, most businesses will look into what a telephone company has to offer in terms of things like email, instant messaging, video conferencing, and other forms of communication. However, though a phone company can offer any features, a unified communications system is much better than just telephone service because with one of these systems, all forms of communication are brought together, and employees can talk to one another any time they need to, which will help everyone work better and as one unit.

Social Media Secrets for Success

Next to the search engines, social networks receive the most visits. More and more people are heading over and signing up to one or more of the social network sites, which means this is a hot spot to capture a massive audience that is in the millions, and it presents an endless number of business opportunities for local businesses too.

With social media you an directly target users, which means you can raise your social media profile and identify real business prospects. The great thing about social networks is they are available to everyone from individual tradespeople to multi-national companies selling brand name products.

Businesses can rent or buy ad space on social media networks and retailers can drive visitors to their site through ads, thereby boosting sales. However, these options do require bigger budgets and involve marketing campaigns. If you are planning to start on a small scale, here are some great tips to help you get going.

There are a many different social media networks. Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are three of the most popular ones with the largest number of users. All three can be used to attract customers and make money in a number of ways.

Facebook and Twitter can both be used to promote items or services you are marketing elsewhere. Say for example, you have a website (you do, don’t you?) you could advertise your website and services on your Facebook account and you could post them to your Twitter account and then ask your followers to re-Tweet them.

Do you offer a niche service where watching an instructional video might be beneficial? YouTube is a great way to promote your business and provide your existing clients or potential clients with helpful information. YouTube is also an excellent way to advertise at no cost to you. Of course you can also make money with YouTube by having a hit video posted.

Facebook and Twitter are both excellent ways to spread the word about your company, and your products/services. You can brag about your sales or promotions on both sites. You can ask friends to retweet or share your post. You can create a business page on Facebook and begin to build a fan base.

In addition to promoting products, services, or your company in general, you can even sell products or services directly on social media sites. Quite surprisingly for the number of users on these sites there are actually very few rules and regulations – they truly are great examples of open societies regulated for the most part by common sense and a basic set of rules.

Social media offers an amazing amount of potential that is really only limited by your imagination. The minute you recognize the amazing potential that exists with social media to make money, you are on your road to success.

Shaun Welford runs a small advertising agency that meets the needs of clients in practically every sector of business, from charities and local firms to major international financial and pharmaceutical companies.

Does the Internal Communication in Your Business Produce the Results You Expect?

Communication drives everything in a business. If the communication is effective, the business will succeed. If the communication is ineffective, the business will either fail or be a nightmare filled with frustrations, low morale, low productivity, high lost time, unhappy customers and more.

This is a strong statement which I’m sure will create immediate push back from some people. So – let’s break it down.

All businesses have a purpose, a mission, a vision and values that guide operations. Even if these aren’t specifically expressed, they’re communicated by the behavior of the leaders in the business. We all pay attention to the behavior of others, often more so then their words. Behavior is a form of communication.

If purpose, mission, vision & values aren’t clearly and consistently articulated and exemplified by the leaders in the business, the employees will be working without direction and will never be fully engaged in their work. Most employees will do their best with good intentions, but there’s a high probability that what they do will be out of alignment with the tenets of the business. The effectiveness of the communication relative to these items determines the quality of the results produced.

We all perform at our best when we understand and agree to a well-defined structure that guides our performance. If the definition of that structure isn’t clearly and consistently articulated, performance and productivity will suffer. The effectiveness of the communication relative to these things determines the quality of the results produced.

We also perform at our best when we do work that’s fulfilling and challenging for us, we know what’s expected of us, and we know how our performance will be measured. These things should be addressed in the hiring and assimilation processes initially, and consistently reviewed and reinforced through managing and coaching. The effectiveness of the communication relative to these things determines the quality of the results produced.

Every exchange of information in a business and all the information delivered to the employees of a business affects performance and productivity.

So – how do you know the internal communication in your business is producing the results you want? Do you talk with your employees about the effectiveness of communication? Do you ask if they know and agree with the purpose, mission, vision and values of the business? Do you ask if the policies and procedures that guide their work are clear and complete? Do you ask if they have everything they need to do their jobs well and succeed as individuals? Do you ask if they think they’re managed well?

If you ask these questions, do you ask them with an open mind and with no predetermined expectations? If not, you should.

The quality and effectiveness of the internal communication in your business is the most important contributor to the growth and success of your business. It should be continuously monitored and improved.

Brian Silverthorn works with the owners of private companies who want help achieving personal goals through their businesses. There’s a formula that works every time.